Statement from Vice Mayor Laura Pastor on Passage of Lobbying OrdinanceStatement from Vice Mayor Laura Pastor on Passage of Lobbying Ordinance<div class="ExternalClassC0639FEDD1EA4F82A2C4A739E07FF4E6"><p>​“The changes to the lobbying ordinance approved today by the Phoenix City Council are a major step forward in tightening up a wide-open law which previously did little to regulate lobbyist communication with City officials, and did even less to enforce its sanctions.<br><br>“These much-needed modifications will also bring strength and transparency to an ordinance that had been taken advantage of for too long, and might have even been abused by some in the lobbying industry who sought to capitalize on its flaws. These changes will help prevent those who wish to inappropriately influence elected and appointed officials from doing so, and by extension protect the taxpayers of the City.<br><br>“I am particularly proud of the use of technology and tracking that will be implemented moving forward, and how we will be able to better know who registered lobbyists are, what their business with City councilmembers and staff is, and exactly who they communicate with. We will also come down harder than ever before on those who violate this ordinance.<br><br>“I believe these changes will reduce subjective interpretations of the law, and discourage bad actors from muddling the lines between lobbying efforts and casual or cursory conversation. Only time will tell however, if we need to revisit the issue once again and strengthen the law even more, to better protect our professional staff and citizen taxpayers, and ensure fully transparent business is conducted within our City government as it should be.”</p><div><br></div></div>6/1/2017 1:40:00 AMMatthew Heil602-534-0108