Councilwoman Laura Pastor’s Statement on Mayor Greg Stanton’s ResignationCouncilwoman Laura Pastor’s Statement on Mayor Greg Stanton’s Resignation<div class="ExternalClass77C6A7E788B248D181DDA009940A65D5"><p>​"I would like to extend my appreciation to Mayor Greg Stanton for his 6 ½ years in office as the Mayor of Phoenix. During his tenure, he has helped to increase access for communities in need, successfully diversified the local economy, navigated some hard times, championed causes promoting diversity, showed steady leadership, set tough and ambitious goals for the City, ushered in smart growth, and paved the way for innovation and creativity. Under his direction, this City has unmistakably changed for the better; and is on track to become one of the leaders in the nation with respect to sustainability, modernization, and efficiency. It was not always easy, and we did not always agree on every issue, but there is no question that the City is in a better place than when he found it, and I'm proud of the time we were able to work together to see that done. I wish him the best as he moves on to different endeavors, and hope that in whatever capacity he ends up serving, he continues to put the interests of this City first and helps move our local economy in the right direction."<br></p></div>5/23/2018 3:20:00 AMNick Valenzuela 602-495-5405