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Statement from Councilwoman Laura Pastor on Arizona Supreme Court RulingStatement from Councilwoman Laura Pastor on Arizona Supreme Court Ruling<div class="ExternalClass40054EFBC33A4ACE97AD79520466E16B"><p>​“After today's narrow ruling by the Arizona Supreme Court, the city of Phoenix's non-discrimination ordinance still stands. The decision strictly applies to this single business and a single product within the business.<br></p><p>LGBTQ Phoenicians are our colleagues, neighbors, friends and family – each seeking to live up to their greatest potential – but face additional challenges for the promise of equality. LGBTQ Phoenicians are more likely to experience bullying, harassment and victimization. Residents have described these experiences to me first-hand. In light of this, my dedication and the city of Phoenix's commitment to enacting non-discriminatory laws and practices, offering equal benefits and protections to all, and ensuring all residents are included in city services and programs has never been stronger. <br></p><p>Our ordinance codifies that love is love and affirms any Phoenician's ability to achieve their greatest aspirations regardless of how they identify or who they love. We will persevere in our pursuit of a truly equal society that is free from discrimination, and ensure that bigotry will not prevail. Love will always win." <br></p></div>9/16/2019 9:00:00 PMStephanie Bracken 602-495-5405