Councilman Daniel Valenzuela’s Statement on Addition of Enforcement, Sanctions to Lobbying OrdinanceCouncilman Daniel Valenzuela’s Statement on Addition of Enforcement, Sanctions to Lobbying Ordinance<div class="ExternalClassB526A404DBB649DB8A014E01E87333C0"><p>​"It was not a difficult decision to join my colleagues on the City Council yesterday to support enforcement and provide sanctions in our City Lobbying Ordinance.<br><br>Ordinances without enforcement mechanisms are in reality only suggestions, and when it comes to transparency rules that let the public know who is influencing government decisions at City Hall, Phoenix is no longer merely suggesting. <br><br>We have hundreds of people registered as lobbyists with the City, and we need to be sure there aren’t many more that should be registered. That’s why the City adopted electronic registration, ensuring everyone who intends to register can do so.  These safeguards at the front gate ensure a registration process that shares accountability between lobbyists and the City Clerk, and doesn’t allow a potential registrant to claim their application was lost in the mail, or was not processed due to human error.  <br><br>The draft ordinance approved by the Mayor and Council also provides sanctions for first, second, and third offenses including minimum and maximum fines, and prohibitions against lobbying. Interim enforcement will be provided through the City Attorney’s Office and ultimately through the Ethics Commission, once the application and selection process has concluded.</p><div><br></div><div>I am pleased the City of Phoenix has moved forward on this issue that will improve transparency at City Hall. "</div></div>6/1/2017 7:05:00 PMMatthew Heil602-534-0108