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Councilman Daniel Valenzuela’s Statement on the Resignation of Mayor Greg StantonCouncilman Daniel Valenzuela’s Statement on the Resignation of Mayor Greg Stanton<div class="ExternalClass1E47B800942C492B8464E1FFEAC30F36"><p>"Mayor Stanton's tenure coincides with my time on the Phoenix City Council. I want to thank the Mayor for his support on important issues to District 5 such as the Northwest Extension of the Light Rail. With his help, the project was completed seven years ahead of schedule. Together, we created Read on Phoenix. Our goal is simple, to make sure every third grader in Phoenix read proficiently. Greg appointed me Chair of the Downtown, Aviation, Economy and Innovation Subcommittee affording me the opportunity to help shape our city's economic future. I am also proud to have joined my friend the Mayor, on the successful passing of the city's anti-discrimination ordinance. Finally, I will always appreciate Greg's commitment to transparency. His work to ensure Phoenicians have a voice determining the priorities the City Council pursues and making sure our city is accessible to all who live here have been unmatched. Thank you, Greg, for moving our city forward."<br></p></div>5/22/2018 4:05:00 PMNick Valenzuela602-495-5405