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Statement from Councilwoman Vania Guevara on Census 2020 Ad Hoc CommitteeStatement from Councilwoman Vania Guevara on Census 2020 Ad Hoc Committee<div class="ExternalClass7CE9D232ACBF49F1936C199BF66FE7D6"><p>​"The Census 2020 is incredibly important to our city. It is vital we complete a count of every resident of our diverse population and doing so will take a collaborative, community involved process.</p><p>To ensure that every resident in the City of Phoenix will be counted in the upcoming Census in 2020, Mayor Williams has created the Census 2020 Ad Hoc Committee. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve on this committee to work alongside Mayor Williams and Councilwoman Stark as well as community leaders Jenifer Corey, Gema Duarte-Luna, Gerardo Higginson, Lachele Mangum, and Verma Pastor. <br></p><p>Make no mistake about it; it is critical that every Phoenix resident take part in the 2020 Census. An undercount of residents poses serious consequences for Phoenix as estimates show nearly $867 million in federal and state funds is distributed to the City of Phoenix through the Census process. This amounts to $533 per person counted. Without this funding, we could see adverse impacts to Section 8 housing assistance, public safety grants, Head Start and Early Head Start assistance, and Community Development Block Grants. <br></p><p>I look forward to serving on this very important ad hoc committee." <br></p><p><br></p></div>8/23/2018 10:40:00 PMNick Valenzuela602-495-5405