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Open Letter from Councilman Sal DiCiccio to the Men and Women of the Phoenix Police DepartmentOpen Letter from Councilman Sal DiCiccio to the Men and Women of the Phoenix Police Department<div class="ExternalClassB027599282D4488A86673AC4E5795324"><p>Open letter to the Men and Women of the Phoenix Police Department:<br></p><p>I have heard from hundreds of Phoenix residents both directly and indirectly that they support and love you. Don't let militant fringe groups hold hostage your honor as they have done with much of city leadership.<br></p><p>Stand fast in these dark hours. Although it may feel like you are alone, you are not alone.<br></p><p>You have momentum, truth and the public at your back. That is more powerful than a few anarchists who have the ear of the politicians and management. <br></p><p>Unfortunately, you're not going to get the support from the politicians, the fourth floor of the police department, and city management. That is an unfortunate truth, but it does not matter.<br></p><p>It sickens me to no end to know the pain our city has inflicted on these two officers, which easily could have been you.<br></p><p>Most importantly, the pain that they have put on their families. People like you and myself understand that we are at the front. However, it is the family that has to bear the weight either at home or at school for their children. Your families are quiet, but that does not mean they aren't in deep pain.<br></p><p>The uncaring attitude toward the families of these officers is beyond words and comprehension.<br></p><p>The politicians, administrative staff on the fourth floor, including the silent ones, literally took the side of a criminal over the stellar and unblemished careers of the men, their wives, and children who dedicated their entire lives to protect families in our city.  These two officers who gave so much now need to find a way to feed their families.<br></p><p>It is so wrong and they did not deserve this. You do not deserve this.<br></p><p>Management and the politicians made their choice by their actions or by their silence.  Disgusting at the least.<br></p><p>Because the truth, the momentum, and the public is on your side, you are going to be told many things in the coming weeks. Everyone is going to try to find a political way to hide this under the rug. Make no mistake about it, you are in the right.  Do not let anyone tell you differently.<br></p><p>You will hear different ideas, unless there are specific actions tied to those ideas they will be nothing but lies. At the very least these two police officers need to have their jobs back immediately.  They need our support.<br></p><p>Your police union is doing an amazing job. They have been the most active of any group I've worked with. But, they need your support.<br></p><p>I cannot stress this enough, unless you work together as a team you will fail.<br></p><p>Whatever direction, wherever your path leads, you need to do this as a team. Do not be somber and do not see this as a loss, see this as an opportunity to make things right.<br></p><p>The politicians, the administration, and the fourth floor are waiting for this thing to just go away. They are going to be trying to buy time from you. This would be a very large error on your part.<br></p><p>There is a very vocal group of anti-police anarchist that see this as a huge win and they are going to stuff whatever they can down your throat on every single situation. You cannot let this happened to our city.<br></p><p>You are the police and you have an obligation to do the right thing. The public that supports you so strongly needs your help and that means you're going to need to be more active and more direct.​<br></p><p>The public needs you and loves you. They will be there for you in whatever direction you choose.<br></p><p>God bless all of you,<br>​<img src="/district6site/MediaAssets/SalDiCiccioSignature.png" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:231px;" /><br></p><p>Sal DiCiccio<br>Councilman, Phoenix District 6<br></p><p>Ps. To those of you on the fourth floor at Police Headquarters that believe this action was wrong. When are you going to stand up? Do not let these brave men and their families down. You took an oath to do what is right. They deserve better from you.​<br></p></div>10/28/2019 3:45:00 PMStephanie Bracken 602-495-5405