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Councilman Nowakowski Statement on Recent Fatalities at 39th Avenue and SouthernCouncilman Nowakowski Statement on Recent Fatalities at 39th Avenue and Southern<div class="ExternalClassA481AAA92A9C44239BBA556E6F5C746D"><p>​"In response to the recent pedestrian fatalities at the intersection of 39th Avenue and Southern, I’ve asked the city’s Street Transportation Department to make safety improvements to this area. They are working with Maricopa County, which also maintains a portion of the roadway in this area, to coordinate multiple safety improvements.<br><br>The Street Transportation Department is currently in the process of designing a concept for a HAWK pedestrian crossing signal to be installed at this intersection. They are also looking at additional improvements that include adding new street lighting and sidewalks at this location. We will actively work with the community to get this done.  A community meeting will be scheduled in January where residents can provide feedback and learn more about the planned improvements." <br></p></div>12/29/2018 12:30:00 AMMatthew Heil602-534-0108