Statement from Vice Mayor Kate Gallego On Passage of Indigenous Peoples DayStatement from Vice Mayor Kate Gallego On Passage of Indigenous Peoples Day<div class="ExternalClassCFEDC771389B40F6994514AD4BB21192"><p>"​I am glad that the City of Phoenix is now the largest city in the United States to recognize Indigenous Peoples Day, an important step to commemorate the indigenous heritage of our city. Our tribal communities formed the original settlements in Phoenix, and one cannot consider the history, the heritage, or the roots of our city without acknowledging that those roots are firmly grounded in the centuries of indigenous culture in the Salt River Valley.<br> <br> I don’t want this commemoration to be seen as discounting the contributions of our tribal communities today. Tribal nations are critical partners for the City of Phoenix as investors, neighbors, and as communities of residents who are absolutely vital to Phoenix. Our identity is inextricably linked to our tribal communities, and it is important that we recognize that.<br> <br> While today’s commemoration is not a city holiday that will cost the city money, it is a commemoration I expect us to take seriously. I am encouraged to hear community organizations and nonprofits are already planning to recognize Indigenous Peoples Day, and look forward to celebrations of this important day for years to come. This is a positive step for the City of Phoenix.​"</p></div>10/6/2016 3:00:00 PMDavid Urbinato602-495-5405