Councilwoman Kate Gallego Announces She Will Resign From the City Council to Run for Mayor of PhoenixCouncilwoman Kate Gallego Announces She Will Resign From the City Council to Run for Mayor of Phoenix<div class="ExternalClass34DD949A515146909D214704CE4EEF48"><p>​Dear Ms. Martin Parker,</p><p> In 2013, I launched my service on the Phoenix City Council quoting American cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead who said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Together with the residents of District 8 and our dedicated city employees, we have pointed our city in a strong direction for our future.</p><p>We passed a 35-year transportation plan that invests in our streets and public transportation.  Together we made Phoenix a top-5 city in the country in high-tech job growth. We made Phoenix safer by hiring more first responders. By passing an Equal Pay Ordinance, our community sent the message that all our residents have the right to live and work with dignity.  I'm confident that we will soon enact key government reforms, including a sexual harassment ordinance that holds elected officials accountable and a dark money ordinance that rids city elections of untraceable campaign spending.<br></p><p>We could not have accomplished any of these achievements without the leadership of our residents.  One of my favorite parts of the job has been recognizing some of the thoughtful, committed community members who have led Phoenix.  As I pass the Muriel Smith Community Center, the Mary Moore Playground, and the Bishop Alexis Thomas Park, I am proud that our city says thank you to those who serve.   These individuals and many others are committed to investing in our young people and building a stronger community.  They inspire me.  To our community leaders, thank you for letting me serve alongside you. <br></p><p>I have enjoyed being part of the city employee family.  We have celebrated many positive milestones and mourned employees who passed too soon.  I particularly appreciate the warmth that Team Phoenix has shown to my son, whether he was playing with the hose at the Maryvale Pool or trying to adopt one of the police department's K-9 officers. We have so many great employees at the city.  Thank you to all our city employees for the work you do on behalf of our community. <br></p><p>I am truly humbled and honored to have the opportunity to serve on the Phoenix City Council. I am hoping to achieve even more as Phoenix's next Mayor and make us a city that truly works for everyone. In order to run for this office and in compliance with Arizona's Resign to Run Law, I intend to resign my office as Phoenix City Councilwoman effective at 5 p.m. on<sup> </sup>August 7, 2018.<br></p><p>Sincerely, <br></p><p><em>Kate Gallego</em></p><p>Councilwoman – District 8<br></p><p><br></p></div>7/27/2018 1:00:00 AMNick Valenzuela602-495-5405