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Statement from Councilmember Carlos Garcia on His First Council MeetingStatement from Councilmember Carlos Garcia on His First Council Meeting<div class="ExternalClass067D436E77E94A38BC50C8C5A6687B42"><p>​“For years the Phoenix Police Department has been functioning with impunity. We hope that today's commitment from Mayor Gallego and members of the Phoenix City Council to create a civilian review board with subpoena power, and an ad-hoc committee to ensure implementation of previous community recommendations will be the beginning of real change in the Police Department. We are thankful for all the community members and impacted families who testified yesterday and today and all the tireless organizers and activists who have been engaging in this work for years. It is going to take the same commitment to assure that we stop our current crisis. Our office commits to seeing this through and involving community. We encourage Phoenix residents to reach out to our office with any questions, suggestions or ideas." <br></p></div>6/20/2019 3:55:00 AMNick Valenzuela602-495-5405