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Black-Owned Businesses Grow With Management Technical Assistance Program Black-Owned Businesses Grow With Management Technical Assistance Program <div class="ExternalClass7F6357BCF93A42AC83A0A8F3D4D7D2AE"><p>​The Community and Economic Development Department works with businesses of all sizes representing all demographics to locate, expand and strengthen the community by creating and retaining jobs.  The department offers an array of tools including technical assistance, development incentives or agreements, loan programs and workforce development to assist businesses.  The Management Technical Assistance (MTA) program, which offers small business owners the opportunity to work with experienced consultants at no cost, has enabled several Black-owned businesses to improve operations and grow their business.</p><p>MTA program service areas include: General Business Planning, Marketing, Human Resource Planning, Accounting, Financing and Loan Packaging, Organizational Development, Information Technology Solutions, Quality Control and Public/Private Procurement.</p><p>Black-owned businesses that have successfully utilized MTA services include:</p><ul><li>Service Master Janitorial Pro owner Pete Mason worked with a consultant to create a project plan to promote his company's 8(a) federal certification. Mason looks forward to marketing his company to procure federal contracts for his commercial janitorial service.  </li><li>James Thomas with About Blind Cleaning worked with a consultant to use public/private procurement services to promote his green cleaning process for window coverings and upholstery. Consultant services will help him pursue government contracts. </li><li>Movement Interactive's owner Eric Luster worked with a Marketing consultant to promote his software and hardware that monitors concussive head impacts in youth contact sports.  His work with an MTA consultant created enhanced marketing materials that he used at tradeshows to promote his Information Technology Healthcare business.  </li><li>Rhonda Hendrickson, owner of Sonoran Living Properties, is in the process of designing her company website with an MTA marketing consultant to promote her residential remodeling company online.</li><li>Sun Engineering's electrical, mechanical, plumbing and fire protection engineering services will be available on a newly redesigned website, which is in the process of being launched.  Owner Ken Pratt utilized digital marketing assistance from an MTA consultant for his website upgrade and is also receiving assistance to promote his federally designated 8(a) program certification to pursue federal contracting opportunities. <br><br>An MTA consultant provided CK Engineering with Organizational Development, Human Resource Planning and Information Technology Solutions. The company, which has provided engineering design and/or material testing services on numerous city of Phoenix projects including Metro Light Rail, the Airport RCC and Sky Train projects, worked with an MTA consultant to create effective job descriptions to fill key positions.  CK Engineering owner Ogbonna Abarikwu said, "We have tremendously appreciated the opportunity to work with the city of Phoenix through various capital improvement projects and the MTA business assistance services have proven valuable to our firm. We applaud the program because it is a hand up and not a handout, it is a partnership in which the business is assisted to enable it to create jobs in the city. Jobs that increase the city's tax base, and consequently economic prosperity to many."<br><br>For more information about MTA services, visit <a href="/econdev/Small-Business"> www.phoenix.gov/econdev/Small-Business​</a> or call 602-262-5040.</li></ul></div>2/29/2016 7:00:00 AMCynthia Weaver602-534-7633