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Yazamo Digital Marketing Agency Launches LEADQUIZZES SoftwareYazamo Digital Marketing Agency Launches LEADQUIZZES Software<div class="ExternalClass407508FD1CEF48739BA4EA6BE76E812F"><p> The city of Phoenix is excited about Yazamo’s ongoing growth and development in Downtown Phoenix. The four-year-old digital marketing agency, which moved into the Heard Building at 112 N. Central Ave., in Downtown Phoenix in 2015 continues to thrive. To remain on the cutting-edge of the digital marketing industry, the company launched LeadQuizzes, a cloud-based lead generating software, which enables clients to capture more leads and sales online by using quizzes. </p><p> Yazamo co-owner Jeremy Ellens has a bit of encouraging advice for up-and-coming business owners. Ellens reminds them that the most successful entrepreneurs have had great failures, and turned those failures into great successes. He states, “I’m proud to say that we failed a lot in 2015 but we learned something from every failure and turned our weaknesses into our strengths. That’s what made 2015 our best year yet.” </p><p> Ellens stated that in early 2015, they had a healthy client list with high monthly retainers but couldn’t sustain their business model, which wasn’t very scalable. He said, “We knew that the marketing funnels we were building took time to optimize, and results didn’t happen overnight– hence we offered 6-month contracts. But most of the small businesses we worked with didn’t have that kind of stamina… many of our clients wanted overnight success.” </p><p> After re-examining their business model, Yazamo owners Jeremy Ellens and Dornubari Vizor worked with their mentor, Loren Howard and developed LeadQuizzes, the lead generation software that is intuitive and user-friendly for clients to build relevant quizzes to capture targeted clients. The innovative concept can be used in conjunction with other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as well as on stand-alone websites and in E-blasts. For more information on LeadQuizzes, visit leadquizzes.com. </p><p> The Community and Economic Development Department works with businesses of all sizes to locate, expand and strengthen the community by creating and retaining jobs. Whether it's technical assistance, development agreements, loan programs, or workforce development, we have an array of tools to assist your business. Information about business development and assistance programs is available online at phoenix.gov/econdev or by calling 602-262-5040.</p></div>3/22/2016 7:00:00 AMCynthia Weaver602-568-8126