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Warehouse District Transforms from Produce to ProductivityWarehouse District Transforms from Produce to Productivity<div class="ExternalClass1069F819911447F38EB6275765EDC2C3"><p>​PHOENIX – The appeal of Phoenix's historic Warehouse District is capturing the interest of new industries.  Once home to the city's thriving produce industry, the area is now home to tech companies, creative firms and start-ups, transforming its focus from 'Produce to Productivity.'</p><p>At the turn of the 20<sup>th</sup> Century, produce companies occupied the large warehouses located south of Jefferson and north of Sherman; Seventh Street and Seventh Avenue.  The once active produce community was attractive to businesses due to its central location and close proximity to the railroad.  Over time, the produce businesses moved on and many of the warehouses left vacant were a shadow of the area's bustling past.  </p><p>But recently, the Warehouse District has experienced a renaissance as 21<sup>st</sup> century startups and entrepreneurs have become increasingly attracted to the charm, history and spacious functionality of the refurbished warehouse buildings.  </p><p>"There's something very special going on in our Warehouse District," said Mayor Greg Stanton. "For companies that value history and authenticity, you will find a lot to love in the Warehouse District -- along with a welcoming and collaborative community of companies already there."  </p><p>'Far from typical and close to it all'</p><p>The Warehouse District is located within walking distance to the METRO Light Rail, downtown hotels, retailers and restaurants.  </p><p>"Phoenix's historic Warehouse District is an ideal location for tech companies seeking vibrancy in an urban core," said Councilwoman Kate Gallego.  "Redevelopment in the Warehouse District is a win for our city as it preserves our legacy while strengthening our future."</p><p>Notable businesses that have been instrumental in the area's revitalization include R&R Partners, the Scheduling Institute, WebPT and The Duce Restaurant.  </p><p>"Phoenix's Warehouse District is quickly becoming one of the hottest areas in town.  It's a 10-15-year overnight success story.  Smaller, local businesses like ours pioneered development down here because of the proximity to the city center, sports and entertainment amenities.  Today, major employers are jumping in because this is where their employees want to be, in the heart of a vibrant major downtown," said Mike Cowley, president & CEO of Cowley Companies.  </p><p>'Relics Reborn'</p><p>The historic structures in the Warehouse District inspire creativity from the inside out.  The block construction offers a blank canvas for creatives to repurpose, redesign and renovate as they create their own sense of space.</p><p>"People come to our space to visualize what they could do with their own renovation. We're thrilled to share our story with the community and be part of revitalizing the Warehouse District." – Matt Silverman, VP. Managing Director R&R Partners</p><p>Word of Mouth has spread about the Warehouse District's charm and a new marketing campaign will further promote the area to attract businesses.  Newly-created marketing tools include phoenix.gov/econdev/warehousedistrict webpage, an interactive map, a 360 virtual tour and a promotional brochure created by R&R Partners.  </p><p>"I am very excited to be a part of the renewed growth and development of the Warehouse District," said Phoenix Economic Development Director Christine Mackay.  "My team and I are thrilled to work with R&R Partners to share the Warehouse District story with local and out-of-town businesses seeking the perfect balance between industry, innovation and infrastructure."  </p></div>8/5/2016 7:00:00 AMCynthia Weaver602-568-8126