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Phoenix metro gains nearly 50K new jobs over 2017Phoenix metro gains nearly 50K new jobs over 2017<div class="ExternalClass79E5CB554A124E34BB09735F56091803"><p> June 16, 2017</p><h3> Synopsis</h3><p> The Phoenix metropolitan area employment report for May showed job gains in nearly every major employment sector over 2016 numbers. While the total number of workers declined slightly from April 2016, the metro still picked up nearly 50,000 new workers. There are 2.01 million people in the metro area workforce in 2017, down slighltly from 2.02 million in April. <strong>This article addresses employment only in the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale metropolitan statistical area.</strong></p><h3> Suggested headline</h3><h4> <strong>Phoenix area workforce jumps nearly 50,000 in May</strong></h4><h3> Key facts</h3><ul style="list-style-type:disc;"><li> The Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale metropolitan statistical area (MSA) is Maricopa and Pinal counties</li><li> Phoenix metro unemployment rate in May 2017, 4.1 percent; up 0.4 percent from April, down 0.1 percent from May 2016</li><li> Phoenix metro workforce May 2017: 2.01 million; up from 1.96 million in May 2016</li><li> Hospitality had the largest workforce increase, 13,600 jobs in 2017 over 2016</li><li> Manufacturing added 2,000 jobs year-over-year</li><li> Phoenix metro produced almost 98 percent of all Arizona jobs in May (47,000 out of a total of 48,200 new Arizona jobs in May 2017 over the previous year</li></ul><h3> Images</h3><p> Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity, <em>Arizona Employment Report May 2016</em>” https://laborstats.az.gov/sites/default/files/documents/files/emp-report.pdf</p><p> <em>Chart</em>: Number of new jobs in May 2017 over May 2016 by employment sector. <em>Caption:</em> There were 47,000 new jobs in the Phoenix metro, most in food services. <em>Credit:</em> City of Phoenix from Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity data. https://www.phoenix.gov/econdevsite/MediaAssets/JOBS%​2020170616%20May%202016%20Job%20growth.jpg<br></p><h2> Content:</h2><p> The Phoenix area gained 47,000 jobs in May 2017 over the previous year, putting the workforce at 2.01 million, down slightly, from April’s 2.02 million jobs, according to the latest employment data from the Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity.</p><p> Nearly all metro area employment sectors showed workforce gains with food service increasing its 2017 workforce by 8.5 percent over last year, adding 13,600 jobs. Health care and social assistance was up 4.1 percent, adding 9,900 jobs over May 2016.In the finance and insurance sectors, 7,700 new jobs increased the year-over-year workforce by 5.8 percent.</p><p> Construction, once the bell weather of the Arizona economy, added 4,800 jobs in May 2017 over 2016, the bulk, 3,900, in specialty trades. The manufacturing sector increased its workforce by 2,000 compared to last year. Property management and services to buildings added 2,100 jobs over last year, contributing a third to the 5,800 new hires in professional and business service sectors.</p><p> The Phoenix workforce growth slowed for May dropping the unemployment rate slightly, to 4.3 percent from 4.4 percent in 2016. Compared to April 2017, the unemployment rate rose from 0.4 percent from 3.9 percent.</p><p> Across the rest of Arizona, the workforce increased by 48,200 new jobs to 2.75 million workers, up from 2.7 million in 2016. Like Phoenix, the state saw its May workforce totals decline, dropping 15,000 from April’s 2.76 million jobs.</p><p> Food service jobs increased by 7.5 percent statewide, with 17,000 new workers being hired. This is the third straight month of food service hiring at or near the top sector for new jobs despite concerns of losses in this sector due to the increased minimum wage to $10 per hour.</p> -30-​​​ <p>  </p><h3> Index and tags</h3><ul style="list-style-type:none;"><li> Arizona Office of Economy Opportunity</li><li>  </li><li> economic development</li><li> employment</li><li> workforce</li><li> jobs</li><li> unemployment</li></ul></div>6/16/2017 7:00:00 AMEric Jay TollEric Jay Toll602-617-3797