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City of Phoenix Hosts Public Forum to Boost Police Crisis ResponseCity of Phoenix Hosts Public Forum to Boost Police Crisis Response<div class="ExternalClass3D3131CB80AF4A6F9CB964668DC4EF4F"><p>New findings from a survey about how Phoenix police respond to mental health crisis calls will be released at a community forum hosted by the city of Phoenix.</p><p>The survey points to a need for increased police training and treatment options for individuals experiencing mental illness, both identified as major concerns for both Phoenix police officers and residents.</p><p>The report is part of a new effort to improve police interactions with residents who experience mental health crises, particularly in light of recent deaths of individuals with mental illness. </p><p>More than 600 people completed the survey, which sought feedback from both the law enforcement community and individuals currently receiving mental health services, including individuals who are homeless.</p><p>Some key findings: A majority of respondents with mental health issues reported at least one interaction with the police in the last five years. Half of those individuals reported the officers helped them, while nearly 45 percent said police made it worse. Police officers reported feeling overwhelmed in these cases and cited a need for more mobile crisis teams and treatment options.</p><p>The Mayor's Commission on Disability Issues and the city of Phoenix Equal Opportunity Department will lead a question-and-answer session at the event, which will take place from <strong>1:45 to 3:30 p.m. (doors open at 1 p.m.) Monday, April 10, at Steele Indian School Park, Memorial Hall.</strong></p><p>Representatives from the Phoenix Police and Fire departments, and Maricopa County's Regional Behavioral Health Authority will also be on hand to discuss ideas for collaboration.</p><p>The full report, titled "Phoenix Community Needs Assessment on Crisis Response for People with Mental Illness," is available online at <a href="/eod/commissions/disabilityissues">phoenix.gov/eod/commissions/disabilityissues</a>.</p></div>3/24/2017 4:00:00 PMAlejandro Montiel602-534-3443