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ADA Compliance Information Available Online in SpanishADA Compliance Information Available Online in Spanish<div class="ExternalClassAF201A36285F4050A7084373F8BDB005"><p>Information about the city's Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Program is available in Spanish on the Equal Opportunity Department (EOD) website on phoenix.gov. </p><p>EOD administers the compliance program, which ensures that all city programs, facilities and activities are accessible for people with disabilities in compliance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). </p><p>The Spanish-language section mirrors the English version and includes general ADA information, ADA accommodations requests for city programs, facilities and activities, ADA complaint forms, Frequently Asked Questions and contact information. </p><p>The link to the Spanish-language information can be found at <a href="/eod/services/disabilitiesact" target="_blank">phoenix.gov/eod/services/disabilitiesact. </a></p><p>To request an ADA accommodation in Spanish, call Chris Palomino with EOD at 602-256-4129/voice or 602-534-1557/TTY.</p></div>12/17/2014 7:00:00 AMJoyce Valdez602-262-6213