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Find Information About City-Owned Properties with New Map Application Find Information About City-Owned Properties with New Map Application <div class="ExternalClass2263DBD7298B4B149455277B282B5BFF"><p>Interested in viewing and learning about all of the properties the city owns? That information is now available on the city's website. </p><p>The city recently launched a new map application that allows users to search city-owned properties by City Council district, city department and street address. The new application, which is best viewed on a desktop computer, is part of ongoing efforts to streamline the city's economic development process.  To access the application, visit phoenix.gov/imap and select the "Find City-Owned Properties" button.  </p><p>"Phoenix has been working hard to streamline the economic development process in the city, and this online tool is another welcome addition to that effort," said Councilman Bill Gates, who chairs the City Council Finance, Efficiency, Economy and Sustainability Subcommittee. "It gives the community a quick and easy way to see what is out there and bring development concepts to the city." </p><p>"The city is always looking for new opportunities to assist our customers and the business community and have accessible information," City Manager Ed Zuercher said.  "This website allows residents to do their own research without having to come to City Hall or make a request during normal business hours.  The information is ready for individuals to view whenever and wherever they want." </p><p>In addition to the city-owned properties map, <a href="/imap/" target="_blank">phoenix.gov/imap </a>includes a current zoning map and an interactive tool that allows residents to find city parks, libraries, transit facilities, police precincts, fire stations and other city facilities close to their homes. </p></div>2/13/2015 6:15:00 PMJoyce Valdez602-262-6213