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Phoenix Fire Receives Funding from Assistance to Firefighters Grant ProgramPhoenix Fire Receives Funding from Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program<div class="ExternalClassF0844CC7100C41E5AF44FFA4F9FCCDF3"><p>This critical funding will be used by the Phoenix Fire Department Fire Prevention Section to obtain 20 tablet-style computers, 20 printers, software and associated wireless cellular service to facilitate real-time, on-site code compliance.</p><p>Normally, Fire Prevention Specialists must manually complete paperwork after an inspection, return to the office, and then return to the site.</p><p>Now, due to the generous funding of the AFG Fire Protection and Safety Grant, business owners will immediately receive their permits. As well, notices of non-compliance will be immediately issued, ensuring a faster return to compliance.</p><p>“This grant will allow for innovations that greatly enhance our ability to meet the needs of our business customers and protect the safety of our community,” said Kara Kalkbrenner, Acting Phoenix Fire Chief. “With these new efficiencies, our busy Fire Prevention Specialists will be able to increase the number of businesses inspections performed each year.”</p><p>The Phoenix Fire Prevention Section is staffed by 20 Fire Prevention Specialists that cover the 519 square miles and over 112,000 businesses within the City of Phoenix.</p><p>The AFG program is designed to provide grant funding to meet the fire fighting and emergency response needs of fire departments throughout the nation.</p></div>8/26/2014 12:45:00 AMShelly Jamison602-262-4591