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New Billboards in Phoenix Promote Passenger SafetyNew Billboards in Phoenix Promote Passenger Safety<div class="ExternalClass024284F71F924DFC899C6323FD6B629E"><p>Have you seen the new billboards sprinkled throughout Phoenix encouraging the proper use of child passenger safety seats?  The billboards were generously funded by the Governor's Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) to the tune of $40,000.  They promote the Phoenix Fire Department's car seat installation stations located at 1925 E. Indian School Road, 3210 E. Conotia Place, and 7620 S. 42<sup>nd</sup> Place.  Parents and caregivers interested in checking that their child car seats are installed correctly may call the car seat safety hotline at (602) 495-KIDS to make an appointment with a certified Phoenix firefighter at those locations.</p><p>There are a total of 22 CBS Outdoor billboards and 10 Clear Channel billboards spread across the city of Phoenix.  They will be up for a total of 12 weeks.  The billboards have already made a difference in our community as calls made to the car seat safety hotline have doubled.</p><p>The Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety, under Director Alberto Gutier, provides education, enforcement and safety project funding to decrease death, injury and property damage resulting from accidents occurring on public roads.  </p><p>For reporters interested in doing stories on the new car seat billboard campaign, contact Phoenix Fire Captain Robert Johnson at 602-717-4402. </p></div>10/23/2014 8:00:00 PMCar Seat Safety Hotline(602) 495-KIDS