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Senior Center Offers Costume Ball for LGBTQ Community Senior Center Offers Costume Ball for LGBTQ Community <div class="ExternalClass76356A387300416D910BD303AB767D01"><p>The city of Phoenix Human Services Department's "Out to Meet You" committee invites members of the LGBTQ community, 50 years or older, to a costume ball from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 28, at the Devonshire Senior Center, 2802 E. Devonshire Ave.  </p><p>This event is an opportunity for older members of the LGBTQ community to meet and socialize in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  The event is free and will feature entertainment, refreshments and a costume contest at 7 p.m.  To RSVP, call 602-262-7807.</p><p>The city's "Out to Meet You" committee plans events and activities for the older LGBTQ community.  The purpose of the group is to provide opportunities for older LGBTQ to meet new people and have fun at city of Phoenix senior centers. </p><p>If you would like to be part of the committee, contact Patty Contreras at 602-534-7436. </p></div>9/23/2015 4:00:00 PMAlejandro Montiel, 602-534-3443Patricia Contreras602-534-7436