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Stanton Statement on Death of Bishop Alexis ThomasStanton Statement on Death of Bishop Alexis Thomas<div class="ExternalClassAB011B7C4D3A4F47B21571E6248342EC">Mayor Greg Stanton released the following statement today regarding the death last evening of Bishop Alexis A. Thomas, senior pastor of Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church:<div><br>“Bishop Thomas was one of the greatest men I ever knew, and in so many ways he was the soul of our city.  I am devastated by the news of his passing. <br></div><div><br>Through his faith and passion for helping others, Bishop Thomas built Pilgrim Rest into one of the largest congregations in the city – yet he had a gift to see each person and reach each person as an individual.  His sermons were incredible, like a work of art – funny, meaningful and relevant to the experiences we all endure.  And his ability to see the good in each person helped create an oasis of love and compassion in the heart of our community.  It is no wonder that his impact was felt far beyond the walls of the church.  <br></div><div><br>This loss will be felt deeply by so many, including me.  Bishop Thomas treated me as a member of the family, and provided me spiritual advice – especially when I needed it most.  <br></div><div><br>My heart and prayers are with his wife, Michele, his five boys and the entire Pilgrim Rest community.”<br></div></div>1/19/2018 4:30:00 PMRaquel Estupinan602-261-8823