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Williams, Pastor and Stark: DiCiccio’s False Attacks on City Staff UnacceptableWilliams, Pastor and Stark: DiCiccio’s False Attacks on City Staff Unacceptable<div class="ExternalClassC7127F387B4F4F7880BEE1505F4878C9">Mayor Thelda Williams and Councilwomen Laura Pastor and Debra Stark today issued a joint statement in response to a long and increasingly frequent pattern of unacceptable behavior by one of their colleagues:<br><br>            "Our most important jobs as elected officials are to find solutions to the challenges our community faces and build a brighter future.  That's what real leaders do.  We are continually disappointed that our colleague Sal DiCiccio has chosen the opposite.<br><br>            "Yesterday, Sal sent yet another media release that deliberately spreads lies and falsehoods.  Sal's repeated false attacks on city staff are a special kind of cowardice because he knows full well they cannot respond.  His aim is clear: create an environment so vile and toxic that good, decent and talented employees no longer want to work for the City of Phoenix.  His scorched-earth tactics and bullying have become a cancer at City Hall, and although it may be acceptable in other places, it isn't here.  <br><br>            "We want to make clear that we value our employees, honor their service, and are proud to speak up for them – especially in situations in which they cannot speak up for themselves.  We are grateful for each and every one of these dedicated public servants."<br><div style="text-align:center;">-30-<br></div></div>12/21/2018 6:35:00 PMRaquel Estupinan(602) 261-8823