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Parks and Recreation Lifts Fire Ban in Mountain and Desert PreservesParks and Recreation Lifts Fire Ban in Mountain and Desert Preserves<div class="ExternalClass13AF6E4E15354D04B80D35B07A7B2C1B"><p>​Effective Thursday, Oct. 15, the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department, in consultation with the Phoenix Fire Department, is lifting the ban on open charcoal and wood fires in the city's mountain and desert preserves. The ban on smoking outside of an enclosed vehicle in these areas will remain in effect.</p><p>After the ban ends, visitors can use charcoal in an established park grill and also may continue to use a portable propane or gas grill in an established ramada or picnic area. Wood fires in an established park fire ring also are permitted. </p><p>Recent rains and cooler temperatures allow for safe use of charcoal and open fires in established, developed areas. Due to normal desert vegetation conditions, the ban on smoking outside of an enclosed vehicle helps to protect remote, undeveloped areas.</p><p>Cooler weather also means "hiking season" is here in the Valley. The Parks and Recreation Department reminds you to "Take a Hike. Do it Right." Important hiking safety tips and checklist can be found by visiting the city's <a href="/parks/trails/" target="_blank">Trails and Desert Preserves</a> page.</p><p>The fire ban went into effect Friday, May 15 and applied to Camelback Mountain, Papago Park, all areas of the Phoenix Mountains, South Mountain Park/Preserve, North Mountain and surrounding areas, the Sonoran Preserve, and the Deem Hills area. The ban did not apply to traditional city parks.</p></div>10/14/2015 6:30:00 PMGregg Bach, 602-262-4994Parks and Recreation, Natural Resources Division602-495-5458