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SRP and Phoenix Partner to Plant 1,200 TreesSRP and Phoenix Partner to Plant 1,200 Trees<div class="ExternalClassFAB89D4E56D646F390D5084F9102CC4F"><p>​In an effort to expand the shade-tree canopy and promote a more sustainable community, SRP has partnered with the city of Phoenix to remove 400 trees from around the city that are encroaching on power lines and replace them with up to 1,200 trees in parks, schools and public areas. The trees that will be removed through the Right Tree/Right Place program have been identified as encroaching on power lines, which could cause safety and reliability issues for SRP and local neighborhoods.</p><p>"The Right Tree/Right Place program will provide Phoenicians with beautiful trees and shade while helping SRP fulfill our obligation to our customers to provide safe and reliable electricity," said Kelly Barr, SRP senior director of environmental management and chief sustainability and compliance executive.<br></p><p>The Right Tree/Right Place program will help to:</p><p><ul><li>expand regional shade canopy and reduce the urban heat island effect,<br></li><li>sequester an estimated 5,400 tons of carbon equivalent to reducing annual emissions from 1,050 passenger vehicles and energy used to power 529 homes,<br></li><li>maintain electric reliability and ensure public safety, and<br></li><li>reduce SRP's long-term costs associated with ongoing vegetation management.<br></li></ul></p><p><p>"The City Council is committed to reducing the urban heat-island effect by doubling the current tree and shade canopy to 25% by 2030," said Phoenix District 7 Councilman Michael Nowakowski. "By partnering with SRP, we are using the team Phoenix approach to help us achieve that goal by planting more trees in a smarter way. We are removing trees from potentially dangerous situations and planting new trees in areas where additional shade is needed."</p><p>Each year, SRP Vegetation Management crews trim or remove thousands of trees growing directly under SRP's distribution and transmission lines that pose risks to electric service reliability and public safety. The Right Tree/Right Place program will reduce this need by removing those trees from dangerous areas and either replant them in place with appropriate power-line friendly trees or, when that is not possible, plant replacement trees at city parks, schools or neighborhoods located near removal areas.</p><p>"Our city is always seeking valuable partnerships to make Phoenix a more livable city. SRP's Right Tree/Right Place program brings more trees and shade to our parks and neighborhoods and allows Phoenix to maintain forward progress on tree-planting goals that are part of the city's Tree and Shade Master Plan," said Phoenix District 8 Councilwoman Kate Gallego.<br></p></p></div>4/10/2018 7:15:00 PMParks and Recreation Department602-262-6862