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City of Phoenix Unveils New County Recorder Kiosk at City HallCity of Phoenix Unveils New County Recorder Kiosk at City Hall<div class="ExternalClassED6B98D22E864D618F9E16ABB2F3619B"><p>PHOENIX – The City of Phoenix has expanded its partnership with Maricopa County by adding a new County Recorder kiosk on the third floor of City Hall. </p><p>This kiosk enables customers to record a variety of documents such as real-estate ownership papers or liens. A camera and voice box will connect the kiosk user to a downtown staffer who can answer questions. The kiosk will be equipped with a touch-screen monitor, a scanner and a printer to dispense officially recorded documents and payment will be available by credit card. This kiosk is in conjunction with a joint services counter offered in the Planning and Development Department Development Center on the second floor and is an example of the partnership between Maricopa County and the city of Phoenix to ensure better service for customers.</p><p>"We strive to raise the bar on customer service and ensure that customers receive the very best we can offer," said Alan Stephenson, director of the city of Phoenix Planning and Development Department. "By partnering with Maricopa County to create a one-stop shop in City Hall, we can save customers time and help them focus on their projects."</p><p>Phoenix City Hall is located at 200 W. Washington Street. With a County Recorder kiosk on site, customers will be able to continue through the entire development process without leaving City Hall. You can learn more at <a href="http://recorder.maricopa.gov/recorder/kiosk.aspx">http://recorder.maricopa.gov/recorder/kiosk.aspx</a>.</p><p>"I am proud to offer this innovative and convenient option for recording documents to County residents and have every intention to continue providing this service implemented by my predecessor," said Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes.</p><p>The Planning and Development Department guides the physical development of the city by preserving historic sites, planning what can be built where and ensuring safe construction of buildings and infrastructure. A host of advisory and governing bodies of residents as well as elected officials provide oversight as the city grows and needs arise. The process is governed through development and enforcement of city codes and ordinances. Learn more at phoenix.gov/pdd or follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/phoenixplananddev or on Twitter @BuildingPHX.</p></div>1/23/2017 7:00:00 AMMichelle Thompson602.495.5622