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Residential Permit Fees Waived for Those Affected by StormsResidential Permit Fees Waived for Those Affected by Storms<div class="ExternalClass14DCD051BF8042999FB9AC37AE6D0A80"><p>Residential permit fees to repair flood damage have been waived for those impacted by record-breaking storms and flooding that occurred Aug. 12-19 and Sept. 8.</p><p>Mayor Greg Stanton and District 8 Councilwoman Kate Gallego requested the waiver for development permit fees associated with projects that will allow residents to repair flood damaged homes.</p><p>“This is a great way to help people who are beginning the repair process after the floods,” said Mayor Stanton.</p><p>Planning & Development Department (PDD) inspectors are experienced and knowledgeable in residential construction and can provide valuable, professional advice on code compliant repair.  </p><p>“Today we removed one more obstacle from residents trying to rebuild their homes and lives after recent storms,” said Councilwoman Gallego. “With this waiver and the information we've been sharing on construction planning, contractor scams and low-interest loans, we’re continuing to give homeowners the tools they need to take control of the home repair and recovery process.”       </p><p>The permit fee of $300 will be waived for residents affected by the recent storms under a previously adopted City Council Resolution, which allows waivers for specific criteria, including to assist the expeditious, safe, cleanup and repair of flood damage.  </p><p>Residents are encouraged to contact PDD to obtain a permit and waiver.  Once they have secured a registered, licensed contractor, the first PDD inspection should occur when the drywall is removed so that the inspector can advise on any issues with electrical or structural damage, and materials and methods that may be used for repairs.  A second PDD inspection should occur after the repairs are made to ensure that the repairs are code compliant.  </p><p>For more information, call 602-262-7811.</p></div>9/23/2014 10:30:00 PM(Media) Sina Matthes602-534-6648