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Would Be Wheelchair Thief ArrestedWould Be Wheelchair Thief Arrested<div class="ExternalClass398235D72BED4B259A82FFE8BD54CE62"><div>A suspected criminal who attacked a woman on the light rail has been arrested.<br></div><div>Austin Shurbutt was taken into custody the same day that <a href="https://youtu.be/xdMgypfEx9U">video​</a> and pictures of his attack gained national attention, circulating on social media. </div><div>The crime happened on the afternoon of November 29th when cameras captured a man wearing reindeer slippers trying to steal a wheelchair right out from under a woman.</div><div>As the train pulled into the station, the crook grabbed the chair. The woman tried to hold on but eventually gets dumped out of her wheelchair as the guy takes off with it.</div><div>That’s when the others on the train stepped in to help. People ran out the doors, stopping the guy and getting the wheelchair back.</div><div>The criminal took off running without the wheelchair.  He ran right toward a surveillance camera at the light rail. </div><div>The picture was circulated around various social media platforms early Saturday morning.  That afternoon, police arrested Shurbutt without incident.  He was wearing the same reindeer slippers at the time of his arrest.</div><div>The 26-year-old has two outstanding warrants and now faces 5 new charges including robbery, kidnapping and​ assault for dumping a woman out of her wheelchair.</div><div>The victim was not significantly injured in the attack.</div><div> <br> </div> ​ <div> <br> <br> </div></div>12/30/2019 7:00:00 AMphoenixpd.pio@phoenix.gov