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Limited bus service continues in PhoenixLimited bus service continues in Phoenix<div class="ExternalClass1D87FEAF73DC4EEDBC78BD4D72F14C24"><p>​<em>Labor negotiations between Transdev and ATU are ongoing</em></p><p>The Phoenix Public Transit Department has been informed that talks between Transdev, one of the city of Phoenix's contracted bus service providers, and members of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1433 has not yet resulted in an agreement.</p><p>The number of routes with a Saturday or limited service level throughout Thursday was 13 including: </p><p>0 – Central Avenue, 7 – Seventh Street, 8 – Seventh Avenue, 16 – 16th Street, 19 – 19th Avenue, 27 – 27th Avenue, 35 – 35th Avenue, 50 – Camelback Road, 60 – Bethany Home Road, 70 – Glendale Avenue/24th Street, 90 – Dunlap Avenue, 106 – Peoria Avenue and 170 – Bell Road.</p><p>Limited bus service will continue on some Transdev-operated routes in Phoenix until an agreement is reached.​</p><p>Passengers are encouraged to make alternate transportation plans until a resolution is reached, including:</p><ul style="list-style-type:disc;"><li>Purchasing All-Day passes, instead of multi-day passes. No fare refunds or reimbursements are available because of loss of service due to a strike</li><li>Working with employers to identify regular bus riders to carpool with or meet at a park-and-ride</li><li>Registering for a carpool partner at sharetheride.com </li><li>Asking to telecommute if your job/supervisor permits it</li></ul><p>For information about light rail and active bus routes in Phoenix, please visit valleymetro.org or phoenix.gov/publictransit, or call Valley Metro Customer Service at 602-253-5000. </p><p>Transdev operated routes:</p><p>0-Central Ave.; 1-Washington/Jefferson; 7-7th Street; 8-7th Ave.; 10-Roosevelt/32nd Street; 12-12th Street; 15-15th Ave.; 16-16th Street; 19-19th Ave.; 27-27th Ave.; 28-Lower Buckeye; 35-35th Ave.; 39-40th Street North Phoenix; 44-44th St/Tatum; 50-Camelback; 52-Roeser; 60-Bethany Home; 70-Glendale/24th Street; 80-Northern/Shea; 90-Dunlap/Cave Creek; 106-Peoria; 122-Cactus; 138-Thunderbird; 154-Greenway; 170-Bell; 186-Union Hills/Mayo, the SMART (Sunnyslope) and DASH (downtown) circulators and all RAPID commuter routes: Central South Mountain East; Central South Mountain West; I-10 East, I-10 West, I-17 and SR-51.​</p></div>1/14/2016 7:00:00 AMLars Jacoby 602-571-5895, Brenda Yanez 602-478-1166Valley Metro Customer Service602-253-5000