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Phoenix celebrates new weekend late service with bus crawlPhoenix celebrates new weekend late service with bus crawl<div class="ExternalClass34869A11160943668E126E87F0DFF938"><p><em style="text-align:center;">"Sips on 7th Street" bus event kicks off new weekend late night service hours</em></p><p>   Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and Councilwoman Kate Gallego celebrated new weekend late night bus and Dial-a-Ride service alongside riders and patrons last Friday, April 28. </p><p>   "Sips ​on 7th Street" was the first-ever bus crawl Phoenix has hosted and planned to not only bring awareness to the latest transit improvement brought to Phoenix by the 35-year plan Transportation 2050 (T2050), but also highlight the fact that the bus now runs until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday and is a great way to get to your night out on the town.​ <br></p><p>   This was the second in a two-step process to match light rail hours in Phoenix that began in October 2016 when three hours <img src="/publictransitsite/MediaAssets/new%20hours%20block.jpg" alt="chart" style="margin:5px;width:245px;height:212px;float:right;" />of bus service were added to every day of the week, and frequency was increased to 30 minutes or less on every local Phoenix route.</p><p>   Not only did the event assist in informing community members about the new hours, it also was an opportunity for many riders and non-riders alike to visit participating venues and local businesses along Seventh Street, a popular street for restaurants, many with limited parking available to customers. </p><p>   The participating venues offered food and drink specials for those who showed their transit pass. Starting at 7 p.m. riders took the Route 7 bus to any of the nine participating locations along the regular route for a unique bus event to Phoenix.</p><p>   "We wanted to have a place where our community could come together and celebrate the launch of later bus and Dial-a-Ride service hours, and Seventh Street was the perfect place for that," says Phoenix Public Transit Director Maria Hyatt. "We're glad we could bring awareness to all that T2050 is doing for our riders and our city and have a bit of fun at the same time – that was really the point of this gathering." </p><p>   T2050 already continues to benefit many Phoenix transit users. Among the improvements to date is a new route on 32nd Street connecting to light rail, an upcoming new light rail station groundbreaking planned for 50th and Washington streets near a disability resource center and acceleration by more than a decade of South Central Light Rail Extension. Other upcoming transit upgrades include a new computer vehicle location system for buses and additional new shade structures throughout the entire city.</p><p>Check out event p​hotos.<br></p></div>5/8/2017 7:00:00 AMLars Jacoby 602-261-8254, or Brenda Yanez 602-261-8392Valley Metro Customer Service 602-253-5000