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Construction Begins on the First Light Rail Project for T2050 Construction Begins on the First Light Rail Project for T2050 <div class="ExternalClass771CB6451B1E4DD2B54E690830D538E6"><p>​Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton hosted a community celebration on the rooftop of Ability360 to mark the start of construction on the <a href="http://www.valleymetro.org/50thstreet">50th St/Washington Station</a>. </p><p>It is the first Valley Metro infill station - new station constructed on existing light rail line - and the first capital project under <a href="/t2050">Transportation 2050</a> (T2050), approved by Phoenix voters in 2015.</p><p>"Construction begins tomorrow and when the station opens in 2019, it will serve not only the many users of Ability360, but also neighboring businesses like Stockyards Restaurant, USPS and many others," said Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton. "It serves a unique community and as such, was part of the PHX Innovation Games to create concepts that would best serve the users of this station."</p><p>Station designer, Gannett Fleming, worked with the Innovation Games winner Dig Studio, station artist Barbara Grygutis, and the construction contractor Stacy and Witbeck, to make the station a model of accessibility. Features include a wider platform to accommodate mobility devices, as well as enhanced shading and lighting. </p><p>"The station means added convenience," said Ability360 employee Jennifer Longdon. "Instead of driving my large van to accommodate my wheelchair, I'll take the train to work daily and be able to more easily meet my friends downtown without the hassle of having to park." </p></div>6/7/2017 7:00:00 AMLars Jacoby, 602-261-8254 or Brenda Yanez, 602-261-8392