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Phoenix Public Transit and Lyft Launch New Pilot ProgramPhoenix Public Transit and Lyft Launch New Pilot Program<div class="ExternalClass81A49914B7F2437589575AD1EE6E8E86"><p>The Phoenix Public Transit Department and Lyft have partnered on a "First Mile Last Mile" pilot program to bring transit within reach of all Phoenix residents, especially in areas not currently served by the bus.</p><p>The partnership targets areas in north, southwest, and the farthest south area of the city. Those who currently do not have bus service to provide that "first mile" or "last mile" of transit in these areas, can utilize Lyft, at a discount, to get to the closest bus stop.</p><p>New Lyft users will be able to use the code PHXRIDES to get $5 dollars off their first 4 rides. Existing Lyft users can use the code TRANSITPHX to get 20% off their rides to and from select transit stops.</p><p>The goal of this partnership is to bring transit within reach of everyone who needs transit in Phoenix. </p><p>The six-month pilot program kicked off officially on Oct. 18. For more information about the zones where the Lyft discounts are active, please visit the Lyft blog about the partn​ership.</p></div>10/18/2017 7:00:00 AMLars Jacoby, 602-261-8254