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Phoenix Marks Street Paving ProgressPhoenix Marks Street Paving Progress<div class="ExternalClass08679E9D68E1494D86343E913CF856EB"><p>​<em>Phoenix is set to conclude its largest paving season ever thanks to the voter-approved Transportation 2050 initiative.</em></p><p>Mayor Greg Stanton, city officials and members of the Citizens Transportation Commission today celebrated progress on <a href="/T2050"><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Transportation 2050</span></a> street pavement preservation activities currently underway across Phoenix. </p><p>The voter-approved Proposition 104/Transportation 2050 initiative has significantly boosted the city's street improvement and maintenance budget. On top of the city's existing street maintenance program funded through the Arizona Highway User Revenue/Gas tax, this year's program budget included an additional $11.3 million from Transportation 2050 funding. As a result, the number of street miles included in this year's street pavement preservation program was quadrupled as compared to miles achieved prior to voter adoption of Proposition 104.</p><p>"Through Transportation 2050 we quadrupled the number of miles that received pavement treatments this year," said Mayor Greg Stanton. "Good weather, additional funding and a lot of hard work by our staff, contractors and entire team has allowed us to pave more street miles than ever."</p><p>"With Transportation 2050, there's more than street pavement preservation work taking place," said Councilwoman Thelda Williams who chairs the City Council Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee. "Across Phoenix crews also are replacing old and deteriorated street name signs and upgrading traffic signals with left-turn arrows. These types of investments will significantly improve the safety and operations of our roadways."</p><p>As the 2016 pavement preservation season nears its close, the city has completed over 240 miles of pavement improvements, this includes more than 75 miles of arterial and major collector roadway improvements and approximately 165 miles of residential and minor collector roadway improvements.</p><p>The street pavement preservation program budget for 2017 is also receiving a significant boost from Transportation 2050 funding. The approved program budget includes $14.1 million from Transportation 2050 funding.</p><p>To see a listing of the current approved pavement preservation work plans and schedules visit the city's <span style="text-decoration:underline;">pavement preservation program webpage</span>. The 2017 calendar year street pavement treatments will begin in the spring and be completed by fall.  </p><p>For more information about Transportation 2050, visit the program webpage at <span style="text-decoration:underline;">phoenix.go​v/T2050</span>.          </p></div>11/29/2016 7:00:00 AMMonica Hernandez602-350-8853