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Phoenix Reports on T2050 ProgressPhoenix Reports on T2050 Progress<div class="ExternalClassC0DEB9C37A7D4A0EB1D31DED79FE7A03"><p> <em>​First progress report finds that significant transportation improvements have been made across the city. </em> <br> <br><a href="/t2050/progress"><img src="/streetssite/MediaAssets/Sliders/T2050%20Progress%20Report%201.JPG" alt="T2050 progress report cover" style="margin:5px;width:243px;height:243px;float:right;" /></a>The city of Phoenix has released the first Tran​​sportation 2050 (T2050) progress re​port<strong>.</strong> The report is the first in a series of planned annual progress reports aimed at ensuring transparency and accountability in the delivery of T2050 programs and projects. The 35-year T2050 plan was approved by Phoenix voters in August 2015 and is funded in part by a 7/10ths of a cent sales tax which went into effect Jan. 1, 2016. <br> <br>The report highlights progress made between Jan. 1, 2016, and June 30, 2017, in three categories: Street Maintenance and Improvements, Bus and Dial-a-Ride, and High Capacity Transit; and includes a financial summary on program sales tax revenues.<br> <br>Planned progress and goals for T2050 programs and projects for fiscal years 2018 through 2022 are also highlighted in the report.<br> <br>The complete report is available on the T2050 program webpage.<br> <br>For more information about T2050, visit the program webpage at <a href="/T2050"> <strong>phoenix.gov/T2050</strong></a><strong>. </strong> </p></div>10/30/2017 7:15:00 PMMonica Hernandez - Street Transportation 602-350-8853 / Lars Jacoby - Public Transit 602-261-8254