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Public Meeting for 20th Street Improvement ProjectPublic Meeting for 20th Street Improvement Project<div class="ExternalClass3ECC1999846F46EA88526209A1B68A0A"><p>As part of an effort to make the city's roadways safer for people that drive cars, ride bicycles and pedestrians, while maintaining the existing number of travel lanes and improving connections with transit, the city of Phoenix Street Transportation Department is proposing a series of transportation improvements for 20th Street between Glendale Avenue and the Grand Canal south of Osborn Road. </p><p>Members of the public are invited to attend an open house meeting to review and comment on the proposed plans for 20<sup>th</sup> Street. The meeting will be held <strong>Thursday, Feb. 15, 6 to 8 p.m. at Camelview Elementary School (cafeteria), 2002 E. Campbell Ave. </strong>The information presented at this meeting will be posted on the project webpage following the meeting. </p><p>The 20th St​reet project corridor was identified as priority corridor for implementation in the City of Phoenix Bicycle Master Plan adopted by City Council in November 2014.   </p><p>The proposed project is intended to greatly enhance connectivity with existing and planned bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and transit service for this transportation corridor. The proposed plan for this project maintains the existing number of travel lanes on 20th Street; enhances pedestrian safety; and includes various bicycle lane designs such as buffered bike lanes and protected bicycle lanes with landscaping and delineator posts.   </p><p>For more information about the 20<sup>th</sup> Street Improvement Project visit the project webpage at <a href="/streets/projects"><span style="text-decoration:underline;">phoenix.gov/streets/projects</span></a> or contact Justin Feek - Principal Transportation Planner at 6<span class="baec5a81-e4d6-4674-97f3-e9220f0136c1" style="white-space:nowrap;">02-534-7421<a title="Call: 602-534-7421" href="#" style="margin:0px;border:currentcolor;left:0px;top:0px;width:16px;height:16px;right:0px;bottom:0px;overflow:hidden;vertical-align:middle;float:none;display:inline;white-space:nowrap;position:static !important;"></a></span> or <a href="mailto:justin.feek@phoenix.gov"><span style="text-decoration:underline;">justin.feek@phoenix.gov</span></a>.  </p></div>1/26/2018 7:00:00 AMJustin Feek602-534-7421