Check the Status of a Case

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NSD Search imageThe Code Compliance Case Status Report system allows you to search for open cases by address and to view the status of a case for a given address.

Search Tips
The only required field for a search is the "Street" field. This means that only "Camelback" is required to search for an address such as 1234 E. Camelback Road, Unit 405.

Please keep in mind that in the above example you would get results for any open case that currently exists on "Camelback". Therefore, when your search returns, you will need to look through the list for the address you are inquiring about.

Review an open code compliance case

NOTE: If you have an entire address (street number, prefix, street name), we encourage you to search with this information in each of the correct fields so that your search time will be less and you will not have to look through an entire list of addresses in the search results.