​​ Sustainability Environment IconEnvironmental sustainability is best achieved by encouraging shared responsibilities, protecting natural systems, and promoting the efficient use of natural resources. Phoenix is an environmental leader in the state and is now gaining national attention as a sustainability champion with its many award-winning and innovative programs.  As an early pioneer in water, energy and natural resource conservation programs, Phoenix has long used sustainability as a guiding principal, believing that sustainable living is critical to ensure that the actions we take today do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs. 

The environment is the sustainability sphere most influenced by individual actions. By recognizing the scarcity of all resources, organizing to reduce harmful emissions, and minimizing waste, Phoenix is becoming a more sustainable desert city. Programs or services provided in Air Quality, Climate Change, Energy, Land Use, Transportation, Waste, and Water, are a few examples of what is included in the “Environment” sphere of sustainability.  Click on the icons below to learn more.

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