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The city of Phoenix was awarded a $25 million federal grant from the U.S. Department of Energy Better Buildings Program and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to launch, in partnership with Arizona State University and Arizona Public Service, “Energize Phoenix.” The program will  that will reduce energy consumption, create jobs and transform a diverse array of neighborhoods along a 10-mile stretch of the light rail line.  

The Energize Phoenix program aims to achieve specific goals:

- shrink home energy consumption by up to 30 percent

- reduce commercial energy use by up to 18 percent

- eliminate carbon emissions by as much as 50,000 metric tons per year.

Not only does this initiative intend to increase energy efficiency by transforming the infrastructure in the corridor, it also will educate and encourage property owners to promote savvy energy consumer practices.

In addition to reducing energy consumption through infrastructure and education, Energize Phoenix is designed to create approximately 1,000 new direct and indirect jobs, many of which will be “green jobs.” These will include jobs for energy auditors, efficient-equipment installers and traditional trade jobs.

The Energize Phoenix program intends to foster a sense of pride in the community and create a model of energy efficiency and long-term sustainability adaptable to major cities elsewhere.

Program Information

Energize Phoenix Reports

The purpose of the reports is to cumulatively present results and lessons learned from a large-scale effort to create and sustain energy efficiency in a diverse urban corridor in the city of Phoenix.  These are published annually by the Global Institute of Sustainability at ASU on behalf of the Energize Phoenix project. 

Program administered by the city of Phoenix in partnership with:

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