‚ÄčThe EQSC's Priorities

CanalScape Initiative


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The goal of the CanalScape initiative is to develop a program that fosters a collaborative transformation of our canals to enhance their value as urban trails and cultural conduits that celebrate the history of water in the desert and express the identity of the neighborhoods and communities they connect.


General and Strategic Plan Initiative


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The goal of the General and Strategic Plan initiative is to incorporate environmental principles in the Phoenix General and Strategic Plans through the development of a set of guiding principles that supports planning efforts, ensures environmental principals are incorporated, improves economic competitiveness, and coincides with  EPA, DOT, HUD Livability Principles.



The Guiding Principles include six categories:

  • Values
  • Neighborhood/Housing
  • Transportation
  • Enhance Assets
  • Coordinate/Leverage Policies and Investment
  • Resources

The EQC recommended that these Guiding Principles are incorporated into the General Plan and the Phoenix Strategic Plan. Learn more about PlanPHX.

Bicycling Initiative 

The goal of the Bicycling initiative is to get more people on bikes more often by improving access to safe, convenient, and comfortable bikeways and fostering the coexistence of alternative transportation modes.


Bicycle Master Plan

The city of Phoenix is working to develop a citywide bikeway master plan.  Working with community groups and residents, the city will document all existing bicycling infrastructure, and propose a set of projects to expand the system, create connectivity across the city and with neighboring communities.  Contact Joseph Perez, 602-534-9524,,  if you have any questions or need additional information.

Complete Streets

The Street Transportation Department, in collaboration with a group of community stakeholders, has developed a complete streets policy.