Member Profiles

The Commission consists of fifteen (15) citizens appointed by the City Council.  Appointments are for a term of three (3) years.  Currently, there is one vacancy.   Here's how to apply to the Commission.

The following are current EQSC members:

Jeremy Stapleton, EQSC Chair

Profession:  Program Manager, Western Lands and Communities - a joint program of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and Sonoran Institute.

Environmental Interests:  Shaping the growth of cities to achieve sustainable harmony between the built environment and the natural world.

Spencer G. Scharff, EQSC Vice Chair

Profession:  Attorney
Environmental Interests:
   Law and policy.

Talonya Adams

Profession:   Attorney, 1700 West Law, PLLC
Environmental Interests:

Penny Allee Taylor

Profession:  Chief Public Policy Officer, Valley of the Sun United Way
Environmental Interests
: Air, water, and land issues.

Mark Funk

Profession:  Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President, Mobile Mini Inc.
Environmental Interests:  Sustainability, water conservation, recycling,  green buildings/space.

Jessica L. Garcia

Profession:  Architecture (CSI, LEED AP)
Environmental Interests:
  Helping to ensure the City of Phoenix and the State of Arizona is safer, healthier and more prosperous for future generations.

Caroline Lobo, PhD

Profession:  Architect
Environmental Interests
: Sustainable communities, green buildings, environmental education.

Eric J. Mears, R.G.

Profession:  Vice President, Mining Services, Haley & Aldrich, Inc.
Environmental Interests
:  Public-private partnerships in sustainable development, water resources, and environmental management.

John B. Nelson

Profession:  Retired
Environmental Interests: 

Talia J. Offord

ProfessionPolicy Advisor/Administrative Counsel, Maricopa County Air Quality Department
Environmental Interests: 
Air and environmental regulations.

Profession:  Director, Kyl Center for Water Policy 
Environmental Interests: 

Bill Sandweg

Profession:  Restaurant Owner, Circle H Barbecue, and Copper Star Coffee
Environmental Interests: 
Renewable energy, recycling.

Richard Siever

Profession:  Assistant General Counsel, Phoenix Children's Hospital
Environmental Interests
: Water conservation issues, sustainable and smart growth, recycling efforts.

Colin Tetreault

Profession:  Catalyst, Corporate Sustainability, & Public Policy Expert, Senior Sustainability Scholar
Environmental Interests