Acting Director's Letter - 2013 Annual Report

Jim Burke

Caption lakeblue: Acting Parks Director James P. Burke

Residents make millions of visits each year to our parks, preserves and recreation facilities. People vote with their feet, and this traffic is a daily reminder of the importance and prominence of Phoenix Parks and Recreation in the lives of those who call the city and Valley home.

The National Parks and Recreation Association has unveiled a new communications initiative that helps to spell out the impact parks and recreation has in communities. The initiative focuses on three pillars that highlight not what we do but on the concrete impact a thriving parks and recreation system has on communities: Health and Wellness; Conservation; Social Equity. 

The 2013 Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department Annual Report outlines our accomplishments in these three important areas and reinforces how integral they are to our strategic planning.

We also continue to refine our Strategic Planning and review our organization to help us prioritize work and resources and establish a shared organization vision and goals. Despite potential challenges in 2014, we will move forward with  renovating and improving our park system and continue to look for ways to operate and work more efficiently.

James P. Burke

James P. Burke

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