2013 Annual Report - Health and Wellness

Phoenix Plays Youth Soccer

Caption paloverde: Staff renewed efforts in 2013 to rejuvenate the department's Phoenix Plays youth sports programs by adding leagues and instructional clinics at more parks and refining the programs branding. Staff led a huge youth sports celebration in the fall at Rose Mofford Sports Complex.


Almost all of our programming and activities are tied to health and wellness. Phoenix Plays - our newly expanded youth sports program -- aims to engage more kids in active youth sports. Thousands take our fitness classes each year and residents burn countless calories hiking millions of miles each year on our hiking trails.

Participation was up in 5 of our 7 program categories in 2013, led by a 17 percent increase in full-day summer and afterschool program registration and a six percent increase in aquatics swim/dive team and lesson participants. We also unveiled our expanded Phoenix Plays Youth Sports programs in 2013 with a massive kick-off event in the fall. 

2013 General Interest Class and Sports Participation

  • Youth and Adult Sports League and Clinic Participants 8,808
  • Youth Class Participants: 9,792
  • Adult Class Participants: 9,217
  • PAC After-School and Center-based Full-day Summer Program: 12,256 

2013 Swim Team

Caption paloverde: Participation in recreational swim/dive teams and instructional lessons rose six percent in 2013. These kids were participating in a recreational swim meet last summer at Roadrunner Pool. 





  • Total attendance (includes paid swim, sponsored swim 

and programs): 444,995

Swimming Lessons: 18,618

Swim and Dive team: 1,449

Rescues: 242

 Walking at South Mountain C.C.

Caption paloverde: FitPHX spearheaded a city effort in 2013 that earned a $25,000 grant from Coca Cola to establish the WalkPHX program at eight city parks. At WalkPHX parks, signage will give walkers exact mileage of pre-marked walking routes making it easy for residents to establish formal walking programs like this one at South Mountain Community Center.   



Health and Wellness 
The city's FitPHX program officially joined the Parks and Recreation Department in 2013. Because health and wellness is the foundation of so much of what the department does, it was a natural home for FitPHX. The program encourages residents to lead healthier lifestyles, focusing on childhood and adult obesity, nutrition education, active infrastructure, healthy worksites and encouraging the use of public transportation,bicycling and walking. FitPHX also is building partnerships with businesses, nonprofits and other government agencies. The goal is to improve wellness in the region and help make the Phoenix area one of the healthiest in the nation. 

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