2013 Annual Report - Innovation and Efficiency

Cave Creek Cross Country

Caption paloverde: Golf staff host the High School Cross Country championships each year at Cave Creek Golf Course. The 2013 event got some unexpected media attention when a coyote bounded onto the course.


Staff managed a massive public input process in 2013 that helped to chart the future of the Phoenix's public golf courses. Guided by input from that process, the Parks and Recreation Board and then the Phoenix City Council decided to keep all city courses open and move them into the general fund. As part of the long-term plan for the courses, staff last year also supervised a process to strategically rightsource course maintenance, which will provide significant savings in 2014 and beyond.

Phoenix Muni

Caption paloverde: Phoenix Municipal Stadium, through an agreement reached with ASU in 2013, will become the new home to Sun Devils baseball after the Oakland A's leave for a new location for 2015 spring training.


Faced with the likely move of the Oakland A's from their longtime spring training home at Phoenix Municipal Stadium, city staff orchestrated an agreement with Arizona State University that will keep the stands full for years to come. In 2013, the Phoenix City Council approved an agreement with Arizona State University to have Phoenix Municipal Stadium become the new home to the Sun Devils baseball program after the Oakland A's move to a new location after the 2014 spring training season. 



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