Frequently Asked Questions

Male Intern


1. Do I need a car during my internship?
Phoenix is a large, urban city with a growing public transportation system. However, work locations and hours may be varied so it is recommended that you have a car. You will receive reimbursement for mileage while utilizing your car on official City business. 

2. Where do I find housing?
Phoenix has a variety of housing options for interns. You may wish to contact the following sites: or

3. What is the dress code?
When you are out in the "field, the appropriate clothing attire is jeans or khakis, and casual long- or short-sleeve shirts. Professional attire should be worn at all times.

4. What is the weather like?
Phoenix is known for year-round sunshine, but temperatures can vary. The summer months, June through September, are extremely warm with intense daytime sunlight. October through December is mild. January through May has limited periods of rain and cool weather.

5. Will I be offered employment at the conclusion of the program?
There is no guarantee that you will be offered employment with our department. The skills you will develop will certainly enhance your employment opportunities.

6. Will I be covered by personal health insurance?
No. It is the intern's responsibility to provide personal medical coverage. You will be covered by workman's compensation while performing duties during your internship.

7. Will I be subject to a background check?
Yes. Interns will be finger printed and processed through the Federal Bureau of Investigations criminal database. You may be asked to take a drug test during your internship.

8. What will my work hours be?
Interns will be expected to work 35 to 40 hours per week which may include early mornings, late evenings, and/or weekends. The work schedule is set by the supervisor to whom you are assigned. You will rotate through different divisions within the department, so your work schedule will vary. Expect abnormal lunch hours, to attend grand openings and special events, and the occasional holiday off. City of Phoenix Holidays -- New Years Day, MLK Day, Presidents Day, Cesar Chavez's Birthday (observed only in Phoenix), Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday), Christmas (Eve and Day)

9. Will I be attending an orientation program?
Yes. You will attend an orientation, along with other new staff members, designed to familiarize you with the organization.

10. Will I be able to attend any training programs or seminars?
Yes. With your supervisor's permission, you will be able to attend free training and seminars available to the general staff.

11. Will I have to do a project?
Yes. Even if your college/university does not require you to complete a project while you are completing your internship, projects or assignments will be given to you; however, if your college/university does require a project, we will help tailor the project to meet your needs. Also, you will be expected to give an oral report/presentation in front of the administration team near the end of your internship.

12. Will I be compensated for the internship?
Yes. A predetermined stipend will be discussed during the interview.

13. Do you have a webpage?