Parks Divisions

  The City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department is organized into the following components: Director�s Office Management Services Division Parks Development Planning Division Natural Resources Division Northeast Division Northwest Division South Division Special Operations Division Downtown Division Each division is a specialized function or geographical area and operates semi-autonomously with its own operational budget, capital budget, work force, and operational plan. Each division is headed by a deputy director who reports to an assistant director. The organizational structure enables divisions to focus directly on issues as they develop and reduce unnecessary red tape. All divisions work within the framework of goals and objectives developed by the Parks and Recreation Director, Deputy City Manager and the Parks and Recreation Board. The department�s management style is extremely fluid and can quickly adjust to change.   Director�s Office, located on the 16th Floor of City Hall, is the centralized management area for the department. Acting Director James Burke works daily with the Deputy City Manager and the assistant directors to formulate policy and objectives for the department. The Public Information section provides media and community relations services for the department. The Personnel Section, also located on the 16th Floor, provides support to department staff in the area of labor relations, safety, recruitment and selection, employee development, and payroll and personnel transactions.   Parks Development Planning Division provides planning, design and project management services for the department. The following functions are managed in this division: Parks, Preserve, Planning Initiative funding (PPPI), bond funding programs, impact fee programs, playground construction, capital grant funds, historic preservation projects, Sonoran Preserve Committee, and the Edge Treatment Program.   Natural Resources Division provides stewardship for natural mountain preserves and desert park areas monitored by Park Rangers. The division has educational and interpretive programs to increase the public�s knowledge, appreciation, and ethical use of these resources while preserving and protecting the physical and biological integrity of natural open spaces within the City�s park system. The following functions are managed in this division: Papago Salado Association, Partners in Papago Park, Rio Salado, Tres Rios, trail systems, Reach 11, equestrian area, mountain preserves, desert areas and washes, visitors� centers, Camp Colley, and Pueblo Grande Archaeology Museum.   Specialized Operations Division provides operational and management services for the department. The division�s maintenance specialties include the Forestry Section, the Phoenix Urban Forestry program, the Specialized Maintenance section (trucking, plumbing, welding, carpentry, and aquatics maintenance), the department Water Resource Specialist, Horticulture, emergency maintenance, aviation ground maintenance, and the Work Alternative Program. The division also houses Aquatics which is in charge of programming, marketing, and staffing 29 pools and is host to the Aquatics Advisory Board. Manages team sports programming, sports facilities, and turf operations for the department. The following functions are managed in this division: three baseball complexes including major league operations, team sports, golf courses, sport complexes, tennis centers, citywide audit, sports and tourism, and the Golf Advisory Committee.   Management Services Division, also located on the 16th Floor, provides centralized support in accounting, capital and operating budgeting, grants accounting, information systems and technology, main office reception, concession and communications tower site contract administration, and the Encanto Stores warehouse operations.   Regional Divisions The City covers a geographical area of 517 square miles, larger than the City of Los Angeles. In order to effectively manage this area, the city has been broken down into five regional divisions: Northwest Division, Northeast Division, South Division, and Central Division. Each division manages the parks, community centers, street landscaping, maintenance yards and warehouses in their respective areas. Each district has its own administrator who reports to his/her respective Assistant Director.