City Archaeologist Responsibilities

City of Phoenix Archaeologist Responsibilities

  • Assess all development projects, if city sponsored or on city land, for the potential impact to archaeological sites. Coordinate the development of treatment plans if impacts are identified.
  • Manage all city-sponsored archaeological projects that involve federal agencies (e.g., HUD, FHA, and FAA) and state agencies (e.g., Arizona State Land Department). Coordinate these with the State Historic Preservation Office and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.
  • Guide and oversee private companies for large City projects. Manage the City-wide annual services contracts for archaeological consultants hired for smaller, more routine archaeological projects. Review archaeological field work, reports, and collection submittals to Pueblo Grande Museum, the repository for all city-sponsored archaeological collections.
  • Manage the Pueblo Grande Museum publication series (Anthropological Papers, Occasional Papers, and Technical Reports). Coordinate the Site Steward Program for the City of Phoenix, the Pueblo Grande Platform Mound Stabilization Program, and the City of Phoenix Burial Repatriation Program with Native American Communities in Arizona.
  • Conduct research on City of Phoenix history and prehistory for public exhibits and publications. Provide public lectures and tours on Phoenix archaeology.
  • Interact with the television, radio, and print media concerning archaeology in Phoenix and the Southwest Region.