Pueblo Grande Research Library


View of Research LibraryPueblo Grande Museum’s research library contains a collection that focuses on the archaeology, history, natural history, and cultures of central Arizona. The collection includes books, periodicals, journals, pamphlets, booklets and manuscripts published from 1800 to present.

The library is non-circulating and maintains and manages its resources to support staff, volunteers, and Auxiliary members as they fulfill the Museum’s mission.  The library is also available to researchers, museum patrons and the general public by appointment.

An electronic library catalog can be used by staff to assist library patrons in locating requested materials; the library catalog is not available online.

If you would like to make an appointment please contact the Museum Curator Lindsey Vogel-Teeter at pueblo.grande.museum.pks@phoenix.gov or call (602) 495-0901.

Research Library Reading Room Guidelines

  • Please call for an appointment for the use of the research library.
  • This is a non-circulating library.  Please use all materials within the library.
  • Place bags, briefcases, and other personal objects on the floor.  Only library materials, paper, and pencil should be on the table.
  • Only soft lead pencils may be used for writing.  No pens, markers, or post-it notes are to be used near museum materials.  Pencils and paper are available from the staff if needed.
  • Eating, drinking, and smoking are not permitted.
  • Please remove books from shelf by pulling from both sides of the center spine, not from the headcap.
  • All library materials are to be handled with great care.  Please do not lean on, trace over, or fold any item.
  • When a book is not in use please close it.
  • Cotton gloves are needed when handling books from the rare book collection. Staff will supply the gloves.
  • The order of the materials housed within folders must not be changed.  Maintaining the original order of all materials is mandatory.
  • After use, please place all items on the return cart.  Do not re-shelve the materials.
  • Photocopying is not permitted if light or handling may damage the item.  Staff handles all photocopying; City of Phoenix sets the photocopying fee. Researchers should be aware of copyright law.