Pueblo Grande Museum Newsletter

​​The Hohokam is published four times a year and features articles written by the museum staff, PGM Auxiliary members, and guest authors on topics or events related to the museum’s mission.  Find out what PGM has been doing over the last year:

The Hohokam: Volume 34, Number 4 - October to December 2014

The Hohokam: Volume 34, Number 3 - July to September 2014

The Hohokam: Volume 34, Number 2 - April to June 2014

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Become a Contributor to The Hohokam Newsletter

We are always looking for new perspectives and fun stories about the site and museum. Here is your chance! Write a short informal article for the Pueblo Grande Museum newsletter. Themes are assigned to each issue as a guide, but if your article doesn’t fit the current theme don’t worry we could always use it for a future newsletter issue or one of our social media postings.

Articles should be no longer than 750 words in length. Don’t forget to include your name, a title for the article, and contact information so we can send a copy to you once it is published. It is best if articles are saved as a Word document and images are saved as jpgs.

Send all articles or ideas for future newsletter topics to Newsletter Editor Laura Andrew or you can give her a call at 602-495-0901.