CIvil Conservation Corps in the Phoenix Mountain Preserves

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CCC Administration Building, South Mountain Park
CCC Camp SP-4A  Administration 
Building, 1934-1935

CCC, Company 864

CCC Company 864, 
Camp SP-4A, Feb., 1935, 
1st Lt. Herman R. Cowen


Mrs. Paul Atkins
Mrs. Paul Adkins, wife of commanding officer of Camp SP-4A, 1934-1935

Commander Paul Atkins
CCC Camp-4A, Commanding Officer 1st Lt. Paul Adkins, 1934-1935


Inside Barracks
Relaxing inside the barracks

Officers Quarters
Officers Quarters, 1934-1935

Administration Building
Administration Building. Note  
parked automobile at center

Companies 874 & 864
CCC Companies 874 & 864, 
Camps 3-A & 4-A, Feb., 1935

Chow Break
Chow break

CCC Camp, 1934-1935, Unknown persons
CCC Camp, SP 4A
1934-1935, Unknown Persons

CCC photos, courtesy of the Paul Adkins family

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