Historic Pictures of Encanto Park

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Swan Boat Encanto Park 1930's
1930's family enjoying a swan boat
ride in Encanto Park lagoon

Group activity in Encanto Park
These 1940 youngsters cool off in
an Encanto Park wading pool 

Encanto Park tennis player
1936 Encanto Park tennis player

Early image of the Encanto Clubhouse
1936-37 image of Encanto Clubhouse (right) and administrative buildings 
(center/left) still in use today

1950's Birders in Encanto Park
Birding has long been a popular 
pastime in Encanto Park, as this 
1950's image illustrates

Encanto Clubhouse, 1940's
Encanto Clubhouse in the 1940's

Early Kiddieland ride
Kiddieland Ferris Wheel, early 1950's

Kiddieland train in the early 1950's
The Kiddieland train, early 1950's

Kiddieland Carousel, late 1960's

Encanto Bandshell
Orchestra concert at the 
Encanto Band shell, 1950's

Bandshell Mural
In the 1970's a colorful 
mural was added

Burned remains of Bandshell
The Band shell was completely 
destroyed in a suspected arson 
fire on December 31, 1986

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